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Player Information

Deep Web Player AnonyPlayer
ABOUT The shock doctrine has the incomparable advantage to let some spare time to study bash scripting: here it is the "player". No more, no less. It just installs packages to run vlc in background via torsocks and it does other useless few things. If you want to create a real "anonyplayer" - and you are a programmer!! :) - someone could be interested. How does it work? Simple: if you are a Ubuntu user, download it, "gunzip" the script, "chmod +x" it, and run it. It tries to tune in AnonyRadio by default: otherwise you can append the name of an other stream. Ex: ./ AnonyJazz. That's it, That's all.
I2P (beta) Deep Web Radio works both on TOR and I2P: the Invisible Network also allows to set up a particular streamr tunnel that enables the capability to stream via udp.
HTTP examples VLC: cvlc http://2nait2gdeozkgf6gyhzjfij6mwldwkxxwcvtxobb4b5qvtm5la.b32.i2p/AnonyRadio --http-proxy= --http-reconnect --http-continuous
MPlayer: mplayer http_proxy://
Streamr I2P console --» Local Tunnels --» Tunnel Wizard --» Client Tunnel --» Streamr --» Name (AnonyJazz) --» Copy the local key --» Host ( --» Port (8765) --» Finish
Set vlc to deal with latency and: vlc udp://@:8765

Listeners Requests

Type of requests Sometimes it happens that someone asking me to play his/her favourite tracks, his/her own "garage record" or to stream by his/her-self on Deep Web Radio platform.
Upload Form and Tahoe-LAFS on I2P Deep Web Radio hosts a proxy for Tahoe-LAFS on I2P (TOR users will find disabled all upload forms except that in the Deep Web Radio upload directory): in this UPLOAD directory it's possible to put your files (10 Mega Bytes max), creating your own directory (only if you are a I2P user), and upload tracks and eventually some text files with music and author description.

Your Tracks Upload Form: please, be patient...

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Play your music: disk jockey on Deep Web Radio

How to stream via Deep Web Radio If you use any software to stream music, it's possible to provide a "slot", a new mount point where you can stream your music: write me and I will provide you the instructions to reach Deep Web Radio. Note: the simplest way is to use a *nix platform where you can use torsocks

DJ Information

DJ Zoidberg: AnonyRadio AnonyJazz BaroqueRadio Alive
DJ Alex ft. DJZ: DeepBanjo
DJ Grizzly: DarkRet
DJ TreeTribe: c0vertElectr0
DJ Penner: geezer
DJ DrewDrew: popaltrock happyholidays DeepSpaceOne DroneZone GrooveSalad Lush infowars

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